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This is always a busy time for me, we are in the middle of our basketball season out at Warren High School. Currently our Varsity stands 4-4 with 11 games on the schedule for January there is plenty of opportunity to seize the moment and turn the season around. However with basketball keeping me busier than ever, work continuing to be work, I have found myself focusing more on my family than I have in recent years. 

This all started a few months ago when my Brother Ryan came into town to work on our cell phone towers, Ryan travels across the United States kissing girls, and fixing our cell phone towers. (No particular order I am sure). So when he came into town, I noticed he checked in near me, I had no idea my own brother was coming if it wasn’t for Facebook allowing him to check-in with the GPS service indicating he was in Williamstown, WV. 

I immediately messaged him and informed him that he was about 10 minutes away from me and that we should grab some dinner and hang out that evening. Ryan obliged and I waited for that evening to occur, when the time came I went and picked my brother up and we went to grab some dinner at a local place that was near his hotel and spend some time together. 

It had been 7 years since I had seen my brother, I have always maintained a pretty busy lifestyle with work, sports, coaching, and social gatherings, that I never really had the time to go out and see my family in other parts of the state.

However what occurred to me in that moment was, I have always been a pretty independent guy, and I have always found excuses and never embraced solutions to spending time with my family. It was time for that to end, I took it personal that I was so distant with people who share my last name, and my bloodline. How can I go into Coaching and preach family if myself do not take in the act of embracing my family ? 

Just couldn’t happen anymore, one of my biggest pet peeves is hypocritical thinking, I try hard to not be hypocritical and I am sure there are times when I fall into the subject line, and preaching family to my co-workers, and to my teams while I do not practice it outside of the 830-5, and 8 months I spend at a Basketball court was eye-opening. 

So instead of crying in the mirror and staring at myself while I do it, I decided to be proactive, it started by going to Illinois and visiting with family, I have reestablished my relationship with my Father and his wife Susan after a very immature fight, I have taken a treatment and responsibility in assisting my Brother and the demons he is fighting.

My approach is to be the best I can be for my family. Sure every family has their differences but to be a better brother, son, and person to them is my ultimate goal. 


Kenya …You jump high

Look at ol fancy Kenya. This reminds me of that movie with Kevin Bacon doing the Shake n Bake. These dudes can jump.


Hoodie Allen and Kina Grannis —Make it Home

Great video by these two. Good song, I have always been “Team Hoodie” since the early days of Pep Rally, and Leap Year. Both are great albums and he doesn’t appear to slow down anytime soon.

What makes Hoodie great is he uses comparison rapping with great lines utilizing the tools of celebrities, and various items to his leisure.

Go to his website and download his 3 albums that free for download.

Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend

If you aren’t listening to their new album, you are missing out. What a deep and great album by these guys from New York. Check out their album now and get more girlfriends, or boyfriends. 


There isn’t a day that goes by in which there is some sort of self-analysis on myself, on what I am involved in, or where I work. I am constantly taking the opportunity in any moment to ensure I am providing the best performance that I can. 

We should all do this in our life, being honest with who we are is so essential to how far we can go in our life. If you are truthful with yourself, you will find better justification and peace in yourself. 

Oblivious people who look to pit blame are some of the most frustrating to work with, whether it be in the workplace, coaching, or athletic setting. The one’s who cannot recognize their ability or their faults are a pain. 

Take the time to analyze yourself, ask yourself questions on how to improve, how to be a better leader, how to be a better co-worker, if you do this day in and day out you will see you are improving your life one step at a time. 

Bad day to be a Goalie

So my Boss was watching this on his lunch break, and I all I hear is a lot of expressions from him. I made the assumption its soccer and she will be fine.

I was wrong. This is me showing I am wrong.

America !